All On 4 Dental Implants Sydney

Most people now have  heard about All-On-4, one of the most innovative dental procedures of recent times. All-On-4 can enable you to have a fully functioning, stable, full arch of teeth in 1-3 days.


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If you need a comprehensive dental solution, but want an innovative and improved alternative to traditional dentures, All-On-4 dental implants are a perfect solution. All-On-4  will  transform your smile, you’ll feel secure, you’ll be able to  eat what you like,  –  this treatment can quite drastically improve quality of life for people with failing teeth.

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With All-On-4 you could  have a beautiful new mouthful of teeth in just a matter of days.



No bone grafting is required. If you have been previously told that you are  not a good candidate for dental implants, or that  you are lacking enough bone for implants, All-On-4 solution could still be for you.

All-On-4 dental implants enables us  to place a full arch of teeth (either lower or upper jaw) on just four dental implants. Your new teeth will be  permanent and don’t need to be removed like dentures do. They are made to personally suit you, they will  look amazing, are durable and hard-wearing, simple to clean, and they will work like your natural  teeth used to.

Your All-On-4 restoration will feel and look just like your old teeth, only better!

Our passionate and experienced team have extensive knowledge and expertise in this field, and we’ll be able to deliver superior results that will leave you smiling at all times! Click here if you want some first-hand examples of what this treatment looks like.

The Procedure:

Typically your first appointment will cover your diagnosis and treatment plan, your radiographs photos and impressions will be taken today.

At the Second appointment, surgery is performed to place the implants.

Appointment three, your new teeth are ‘waxed’ for you to try in to see if the fit is correct, and to show you what they will look like .

Finally, your new teeth are permanently placed.

If your teeth are loose, failing, or causing you pain and discomfort, if you’re sick and tired of your dentures (or if you have no teeth at all!) then these implants could be just what you need. Worried about what All-On-4 dental implants cost? We’ll ensure you get great value for your money and competitive rates. During our consultation with you, we’ll work out the best course of action based on your own individual needs.

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