Baby on board? Caring for your teeth in pregnancy

19 Dec 2017

Pregnancy is a beautiful and emotional time for everyone, but most especially for you. When you’re pregnant everyone has well-meaning advice but sometimes it can all be overwhelming, no matter who it comes from and even when it’s delivered with love and concern.

Just remember to focus on what’s best for you, your health and the health of your baby when choosing whose advice to follow.

Just like the rest of your body, your teeth, gums and mouth are affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy, so it’s important to maintain a good oral health routine, which will include regular visits to your dentist as well as your GP and Obstetrician. If you’re thinking about falling pregnant it’s a good idea to visit your dentist before-hand to ensure that your mouth is healthy and not in need of attention.  You won’t want to be undergoing dental treatment during pregnancy if you can help it!



Some women have unusual food cravings while they are pregnant. If you are craving sweetness, try and opt for a healthier option, but if you succumb, as is likely, try and keep sugary foods to a minimum and ensure your cleaning routine is in place.


Morning sickness

The bane of pregnancy, morning sickness is beyond your control.  The acid in vomit can be extremely harmful to your teeth and can cause erosion. It will be your first reaction to reach for your toothbrush afterwards, but this is not a good idea. The enamel will have been softened from acid, so you could be scrubbing away the tooth’s protective enamel surface.  Leave brushing your teeth for at least an hour and instead, rinse your mouth well with water, use a sugar free gum or eat an acid neutralizing food such as milk, yoghurt or cheese.


Brush and Floss

Maintain an impeccable routine for cleaning. During pregnancy your gums are more susceptible to inflammation and infection, so floss and clean twice a day at least! Bleeding gums during pregnancy is not unusual, continue to clean and floss as usual. If you are concerned or having difficulty, consult with your dentist.


Dental x-rays during pregnancy

X-Rays emit a very small amount of radiation. Your practitioner will only recommend x-ray in pregnancy if necessary. Non-urgent treatments can be scheduled for post birth.



  • Book an appointment with your dentist?• Be mindful of succumbing to sugary food cravings?• Beware of morning sickness & take appropriate measures to reduce erosion • Have perfect oral hygiene habits?• Follow the advice of your dentist


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