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SmileStyler Clear Aligners in Bondi Junction, Sydney

When it comes to straightening teeth using clear aligners, we are often asked about Invisalign®, which is an American based aligner company that pioneered orthodontic treatment using clear aligners and is still to this day, the most well-known brand for this treatment option.

Smilestyler Procedure at Dental Fresh

Over the years, the process has been refined by many competing companies and after extensive research, Dental Fresh made the decision to align ourselves with SmileStyler®, an Australian based and owned company. As it is based in Melbourne, our dentists are easily able to coordinate with their technicians to ensure your goals for your smile are met. The aligners are also made in Melbourne, so there is no delay in manufacturing or shipping your aligners – we can get you started on the road to a beautiful smile quicker than you expect!

A Customised SmileStyler Treatment Plan Created For You

Designed to fit conveniently with your lifestyle, the SmileStyler® treatment process is easy to understand. In order to get your SmileStyler® process started, our dentists will meet with you for a consultation. Here, we will find out if SmileStyler® is suitable for you. We will provide you with a quote and if you would like to proceed, we will begin the SmileStyler® process. SmileStyler® is 100% digital, so there’s no need to worry about uncomfortable and bad tasting physical impressions. We will use a 3D intraoral scanner to create 3D digital images of your teeth, which will be used to design your perfect smile. We will also require a series of x-rays and photographs. Prior to starting any orthodontic treatment, it is important to ensure that your teeth and gums are in excellent health and all outstanding treatment has been completed. An appointment with our hygiene team for a clean is also advised if this has not been recently completed.

Once we have your digital records, SmileStyler® and our dentists will create an orthodontic treatment plan just for you. This is known as the design phase, and it will entail the exact movements of your teeth and the duration of your treatment.

Receive Your Custom Aligners Based On Your Personalised SmileStyler Treatment Plan

Once you and our dentists approve your treatment plan, SmileStyler® will manufacture your custom-made clear aligners and deliver your first ‘phase’ of aligners straight to us.

Wear a New SmileStyler Aligner Every 2 Weeks

SmileStyler’s aligners are typically worn for 2 weeks at a time. You may even have the option to fast-track your treatment by taking advantage of the vPro5 vibrational device – shortening your treatment by up to 50%!

Have Your Teeth Re-scanned Every 6 Aligners

Another thing that separates SmileStyler® from the crowd is the fact that they treat in ‘Phases’. Each phase is constructed of 6 aligners – at the 5th aligner, you will have a new 3D scan taken to not only allow our dentists to check in with the movement of your teeth, but also to ensure that the aligners are as accurate as possible, making the treatment predictable and efficient, avoiding unforeseen costs and delays in your treatment.

Reveal Your New Smile & Keep It Looking Great With SmileStyler

After completing all your phases, you’re ready to show off your beautiful new smile! We will provide you with a set of retainers to maintain your results.

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