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Custom Dental Sports Mouthguards in Sydney

Did you know that accidents during sport are a high cause of dental injury?

For both adults and children, wearing a properly fitted custom mouthguard can prevent or lessen a sports related injury.

Not only will a mouthguard protect your teeth, but it will act as a kind of shock absorber lessening the impact of a blow to the face.

A mouthguard will help to protect your teeth, jaw, gums, lips and tongue. It will help prevent neck injuries and may aid in reducing concussion.

Over the counter mouthguards (boil-and-bite) are much less efficient than a custom mouthguard that is made specifically for you and your individual needs.

A custom mouthguard will fit more snugly, meaning it won’t move or fall out, or restrict your breathing.

Because it is made just for you it will be comfortable, secure, and allow you to speak clearly.

At Dental Fresh, we make mouthguards for a variety of sports, and realise that there are different requirements and slight adjustments for each sporting need.

We are able to cater for braces, and can make allowance and adjustment for new teeth in children.

We make custom mouthguards for the following


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