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Losing your teeth can be a difficult thing to deal with – it can affect both your physical and mental wellbeing. There’s no need for this  to impact your quality of life, at Dental Fresh we are very likely to have  an  answer to your particular  problem. We are confident that  together, we’ll find the perfect solution for you.

Whether you are wearing a partial or a full upper and lower denture, our prosthetist will work closely with you to improve fit, retention, function, comfort and appearance. We listen carefully to your concerns, and devise our treatment plan accordingly.

Dentures do not need to look like dentures, at Dental Fresh we can customise your teeth to look both real and natural, the way they intended to be. Our onsite laboratory is equipped with the latest technology, meaning we can provide you with the most technologically advanced restorative solutions available in the profession, without those long waiting times.


Did you know how many different types of dentures there are and the different materials they can be main from?




Bar Over

If you are reading this because you thought having dentures meant having them forever, there is another solution! Ask our team about ‘No dentures in two days’ or if you are tired of those old dentures contact us about  ‘New dentures in three days’.

Full Denture

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When you are making a commitment such as this you want to know you are getting a service that you can trust. Our highly trained team will deliver that every time.

Group of three Experienced Dentists at Dental Fresh

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With over 25 years experience our resident Dental Prosthetist has both the expertise and the experience to provide you with the best solution.

Over Denture

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Implant over denture
Permanent implant bridge
Sleeping devices B.E.D
Mouth guards

Full Denture

Full Denture

Is the complete replacement of all natural teeth, these can either be made from acrylic or chrome. These materials have their advantages and disadvantages;

Acrylic advantages

  • Most cost effective
  • Can be made in a short time frame
  • Easily repaired and reline


  • More fragile material
  • Thicker
  • Not fixed


Chrome Advantages

  • Stronger for peace of mind
  • Thinner for comfort
  • Longer lasting


  • More difficult to repair
  • Not suitable in all cases
  • More expensive
  • Not fixed
Partial Denture

partial Denture

this is an affordable option if you are missing a single or a few teeth and can be either a short or long term solution depending on your individual needs.


  • Cost affective
  • Quick result


  • Not fixed


      Over Denture

      Over Denture

      This is an option that works very well to help stabilize a denture by using anything from 1 to 4 implants. The new denture or existing denture in some cases can be altered to have attachments built into them which clip onto the implants and are an anchor point to help hold the denture in place. This can work for partial as well as full dentures.


      They can be removed easily for cleaning and are more affordable.


      They will still look and feel like bulky dentures, they are not completely fixed and will need regular maintenance to ensure they stay firm in the mouth.

        Bar - Over Denture

        Bar-Over Denture

        This is a step up from the over denture and is an option only for a full denture replacement. This requires 2-4 implants for a bar to attach to the implants to hold the denture firmly in place.


        The bar over denture provides greater stability and confidence. Further to this the denture can be substantially thinner than a full denture which will result in a better appearance and feel, this also improves the ability to eat and talk with less restrictions.


        This option also requires regular maintenance to ensure the perfect fit. And as this is a more advanced restorative method the cost is slightly higher.

          Looking for another alternative?

          If either of these options do not sound like the one for you and you want natural looking and feeling teeth then the All-On-4 option might be your answer.

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