You’ve started at a new Dental Practice, and they offer the services of an Oral Health Therapist. If you’ve always seen a dentist for your clean and scale, you might be wondering what seeing an OHT will entail. Let’s look at the work the Oral Health Therapist does and why you are in excellent hands with your OHT.

Your OHT is a professional with a three-year degree in dental therapy and hygiene. You may have heard of and seen a hygienist in the past; an OHT had more advanced training with the increased scope to treat not only gum diseases but also provide simple restorative treatment for children and adults. Seeing an OHT allows your dentist to focus their skills on complex surgical and aesthetic treatments. 

Ultimately prevention is always the priority, and your OHT and dentist will work as a team to help you maintain the health of your mouth and maximise the lifespan of your teeth and implants

The OHT will talk to you about preventative strategies, ongoing health and holistic approaches to dental care. The OHT will ensure that you and your children have the best tools and information to maintain excellent oral standards at home

Your dentist will also see during your appointment to review any issues or ideally to congratulate you on the excellent work you are doing! Dentist and OHT work as a team to ensure you are receiving the best possible care. Your OHT will assist in prevention and education so that you can look after your oral health at home; your Dentists will be on hand for any issues that could arise. 

An OHT appointment is thorough, personalised and costs less than an appointment with a dentist. Your regular hygiene appointment should primarily be about keeping your teeth and gums in the best possible condition, something the OHT is well equipped to do, saving your dentist for any rescue missions that may occur. Remember, though; you’ll see your OHT and your dentist at every appointment – working as a team to keep you healthy.

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