We have invested in a new Diode Laser at Dental Fresh! 

‘How will it benefit me?’ I hear you ask –  


Let me count the ways…

We are always looking at ways to improve our services to you, our very special patient. While Dr Mel is excited about many things this little beauty can do, these are the things the Diode Laser does we think our patients will be excited about:

1. Tooth Sensitivity

If you have gum recession or dental erosion, the Diode Laser can help you.

When you have recession of the gums (aka gingiva) or acids in your mouth have destroyedthe tooth’s protective enamel, in some patients a part of the tooth can become  verysensitive to cold drinks, ice-creams or even just cold air. That’s where the Diode Laser can step in5 minutes of treatment per tooth with the laser can decrease or even eliminate the sensitivity experienced in the tooth and you can eat your ice-creams painlessly again.

2. Cold Sores

Cold sores or Herpes Simplex virus or herpes labialis are a common and unwelcome affliction. Those who suffer from herpes labialis, know all too well that tingling sensation right before the actual blister becomes visible on the lips or mouth. It’s a harbinger of doom! If you’re prone to cold sores, treatment at this stage with the Diode Laser can neutralise the virus, preventing the blister from actually appearingand even if you don’t get to us quickly enough to neutralise the virus, treatment of the actual blister can significantly reduce the healing time and you’ll be rid of it faster!  Always the stress of a big event looming seems to bring the virus out – The Diode Laser can get you out of trouble for your big moment

3. Gum solutions

Sometimes with orthodontics, or for other reasons, gums can become inflamed and swollen. The Diode Laser can provide a bloodless soft tissue remedy for correcting your gum problems.

Any of these apply to you? Ask us about the Diode Laser and if it can help solve your issues.



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