How long has it been since you last visited a dentist? Maybe it’s been a year, five, ten, maybe even fifteen years since a professional has looked in your mouth. We understand, there are a lot of reasons people avoid going to see the dentist – the sound of the drill, the sterility of the clinic, an unpleasant childhood (or even adult) experiences at the dentist, time, cost, the absence of pain – the anxious list goes on.

However we all know that regular routine dental checks mean you’ll get in front of little issues before they become large and more expensive ones. If you’re long overdue for a dental check up, you could be worried that you’ll be judged by the dental team for your letting treatment lapse. Or you could be just anxious about the potential of painful, lengthy and expensive treatment.

Let’s change the narrative.

With decades of experience in dentistry, we’ve seen patients who range from being nervous or anxious at the dentist, to patients whose fears inhibit them from coming through the front door, let alone sitting in the chair for an oral exam.

At Dental Fresh, we’ve seen it all and we totally understand. We are really good at making sure anxious patients are comfortable enough to undergo the treatment they need. We make no judgement and we’ve seen every type of mouth you can imagine (We’re more interested in getting to know the person than the state of their teeth anyway).

For our anxious patients, or patients undergoing bigger procedures, our practice can offer different forms of sedation.

  • Local Anaesthetic – the area is numbed for the procedure
  • Sedation – a lighter sleep, you’re in a sort of twilight zone 
  • General Anaesthetic – where you are asleep for the procedure

We understand that Dental phobias are very real and believe me they are far more prevalent than you might think. You’re not going to be our first nervous patient, but understand that your avoidance of the dentist can lead to dental health neglect. The longer you leave getting the treatment that you need, the worse your oral health can become. 

How about some tips?

  1. Find a good dentist: Easy to say, right? Do your homework, ask friends or people you trust and then check the Google reviews. Look for someone people talk about – the best referral is word of mouth.
  1. Call – don’t book online: Have a conversation with the receptionist, if they’re good at what they do, you should begin feel more at ease. Ask questions, tell them your concerns. You’ll be able to sense if they have your well-being in mind.
  1. Plan your visit: Clean your teeth before you go. Wear something comfortable that you like. Give yourself plenty of time to get there, don’t exacerbate your anxiety by rushing. Once you’re at the clinic you should be made to feel welcome.
  1. Listen to your options in the clinic: At the examination, your dentist will provide you will treatment options and discuss them with you in depth. Your dentists will provide you with alternatives that will take account for your dental needs, your financial situation and your preferences. Remember, the level of treatment is always your choice in the end. 
  1. Rebook: Practice makes perfect. Your first appointment will be the hardest to make, but once you’ve made the first one, it will be easier to continue keeping on top of your dental health. Make a plan and stick to it, to see your dentist 6 monthly.

You’ve got this, we’ve got you. We welcome anxious patients to our practice, we love to put our patients at ease.