There’s a preconception about dentures that they are obvious, uncomfortable and noticeable. While that may have been true of the dentures of yesteryear, modern dentures have come a long way, offering a natural look and improved comfort.

Dentures are a solution available for all ages and stages of life, dentures are not just a realm for the elderly. Regardless of your age or the reason for your tooth loss, high-quality dentures can seamlessly replace missing teeth and discretely improve your smile.

Whether you require a full set or partial dentures, your trusted dental practitioner will carefully evaluate your needs, and discuss various options tailored to your lifestyle, the number of teeth you’re missing and your budget,  among other factors.

At Dental Fresh our practitioners are careful to make precise measurements and collect the relevant dental data so that the fit and function of your denture matches the aesthetic for quality. If you’re wearing a partial denture, we will meticulously match the colour, shape and size of your new teeth with your existing ones. Our technicians use an arsenal of strategies to ensure there is life and light in your new smile. If you require a full denture, it will be important for your practitioner to optimise the fit and function of your denture, as well as to create a new and realistic-looking smile for you.

Here are some essential points to keep in mind when considering dentures.

  • Regular Maintenance is Crucial: Just like your natural teeth, dentures require good care to retain their best appearance and functionality. While dentures can last for years, routine adjustments may be necessary from time to time. Regular visits to your practitioner are important to ensure that your dentures remain a long-term solution for an attractive, functional smile.  
  • For Overall Oral Health, Remove Your Dentures: To preserve gum health, reduce the risk of bad breath, and maintain optimum cleanliness, it is prudent to remove your dentures when they are not in use. There are some effective products available to aid with keeping your dentures in peak condition.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Adapting to life with dentures can take time. Eating, smiling, laughing and talking are a renewed privilege for denture wearers, but it may require some time to adjust. Initially, you may experience some sore spots or discomfort, this is common and will be addressed through some fit adjustments with your practitioner. Be patient with yourself, and allow the time needed to become accustomed to your new smile.
  • Quality Matters: When considering dentures, it’s crucial to do your research and not simply opt for the least expensive options. Your dentures are an investment in your self-esteem and your overall quality of life. Seek out a practitioner with a proven track record;  ask to see photos of their work or speak to previous patients. It’s important to choose a practitioner who prioritises quality, listens to your needs and delivers you an uncompromised smile.

To learn more about dentures and whether they are the right solution for you, please contact us at 93893656 to schedule an assessment. Your journey to a natural and confident smile is about to begin.