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Are you missing a tooth, or about to lose one? or two? You don’t like the idea of the ‘bridge’ which compromises the surrounding teeth and you’re not thrilled with the idea of a denture, or false tooth?

 Dental Implants are a permanent way to replace missing or failing  teeth and regain a complete  smile that will look, feel and function like your natural teeth.

At DentalFresh,  implants are what we do. We have extensive experience in all aspects of dental implants, from single implants to All-On-4.

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Implanting a replacement tooth is a minor surgical procedure whereby a titanium rod or screw is embedded in your jaw to hold the new tooth. It functions much like the  root of your natural tooth did. 

It takes a while for the  screw to become embedded in the jaw; bone needs to grow around the screw to hold it firmly in place (osseointegration). But fear not, it doesn’t mean you’re without a full smile while this process takes place. 

While the implant is settling into its new home (osseointegrating), a  temporary crown is sometimes placed over the implant to fill the space and establish a better gum profile for your new tooth. Alternatively, another temporary cosmetic solution will be used while the healing takes place.  This isn’t your final tooth, but it will look like your tooth, and it gives the dentist and you a chance to make sure the fit, function and aesthetics of the new tooth match with your existing teeth. 

Once the implant has settled, your final porcelain tooth replaces the temporary one you’ve had in the interim. Any issues you had with the temporary will have been discussed between you and your dentist and changes will have been made so that your new permanent tooth fits snugly, works well and looks right at home. The new tooth should be virtually undetectable as an imposter, it should naturally match with your existing teeth.

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It’s a permanent tooth, it’s here to stay. Treated properly it will last between 15-20 years.

It’s strong and durable, you can eat normally, smile and laugh without fear of it coming loose or falling out.

It will look as though it’s your own, it will be carefully crafted by artisans to look, feel and function like it’s your very own natural tooth.

An implant does not compromise your existing teeth the way a bridge would. It will not come with the insecurities that a denture often brings.


An Implant is an investment in your smile, your health and your way of life to a degree. Implants start around $6000 per tooth, so if you decide to proceed,  it will pay to take good care of your implant, maintain a healthy regime at home and be vigilant around your 6 monthly visits to your dentist for cleaning. At Dental Fresh we  have  options we can discuss with you around payment plans for your procedure. Our treatment co-ordinator will be able to help you find a  suitable  arrangement for payment.

While implants are strong, they can be subject to damage the same as your normal teeth are. If you are a bruxer, if you play contact sport, there is chance of damage to your tooth. Speak to your dentist about ways to mitigate damage.

There may also be biological factors that are out of everyone’s control that may lead to an implant failing. All risks and challenges will be discussed in detail with you at our free consultation.

At Dental Fresh we are committed to finding solutions for our patients the best way  we can. It may even be that you are not a candidate for an Implant; your dentist will take care to relay all your available options and alternatives for regaining a full and complete,  healthy smile.

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