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All On 4® Dental Implants Sydney

The All-On-4® concept has been around for many years and is one of the most innovative dental procedures of recent times. It can enable you to have a fully functioning, stable, full arch of teeth in just 1-3 days. Here at Malo Dental Sydney Dr Larry Benge, Dr Melissa Anderson, Dr Nilesh Measuria and Mr Robert Dulieu are 4 of the most experienced professionals in Sydney offering the AO4® concept.
Dr Benge was the first to introduce AllOn4® in Australia, having trained with the architect and inventor of the AO4® procedure, Professor Paulo Malo in Portugal. You can be assured you are in the most capable hands.
Following the strict guidelines of the Malo protocol, the correct Nobel Biocare implants designed for the procedure will only ever be used. Two implant-retained sets of teeth are done for you, making sure aesthetics and function are closely monitored.
The first set in Acrylic is for a three month period while osseointegration occurs with the dental implants (the process of the bone healing around the implants).
The second and final set is made with the latest in technology – utilising a titanium framework. The construction method creates a new set of teeth that maximises strength and comfort, giving you a smile you can be confident with.
We have created a purpose-built facility to accommodate the AllOn4® protocol. With our onsite state of the art dental laboratory and highly skilled dental technicians, Malo Dental Sydney has become the benchmark for Allon4 implant restorative solutions for both the general public and the dental profession for referrals alike.


What is an All-On-4®?

  • The All-On-4® is a full-arch rehabilitation using only four dental implants. In the past is was not uncommon to have 6 or even 8 dental implants to support fixed teeth, increasing cost and surgery times.
  • This is achieved without bone grafting by tilting two posterior dental implants to utilise all the bone in the jaw that normally would be out of reach in a conventional approach.
  • Immediately fixed teeth; the conventional options required long healing periods and more time to make the set of teeth. With increased knowledge and practice, continuous studies and the development of technology this has become an amazingly fast procedure providing teeth within 3 days.

Who is this treatment for?

  • Patients who have full upper and/or lower dentures
  • Missing multiple teeth
  • Have severe gum disease, tooth decay and/or a breakdown in soft and hard tissues
  • The teeth may be severely worn down from acid erosion or teeth grinding

Why is the All-On-4® a great option?

  • Minimally invasive procedure because we are avoiding bone grafting procedures that can take months to heal, and may have no guarantee of success.
  • Minimal pain; The combination of less invasive surgery and placing the teeth very soon after makes for an easier process for most people. You can also be asleep for the surgery if you are a suitable candidate.
  • Immediate results, within 3 days you will have a new arch of teeth that look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Permanent option, The teeth do not need to be removed for cleaning and because they are fixed they feel more like natural teeth as compared with removable dentures.
  • Improved quality of life, you will immediately feel and look better because you can smile with confidence and assurance, improving your general health because you can enjoy food again.
  • Lower cost, By streamlining the implant process the cost of treatment is now less than what it was 15 years ago.
  • Simple to clean and maintain. Just like you would for your natural teeth, 4 to 6 month cleans with your dental professional is recommended. Home care, you will floss and brush them similar to natural teeth.

Choosing the right Dentist

The All-On-4® protocol for replacing missing or damaged teeth has become very popular world wide and as a result there are many dental practices advertising that they do All-On-4®. In order to legitimately do this a dentist is required to be properly trained in the procedure by Nobel Biocare®, use genuine components with TGA approval and adhere to certain protocols.

At Dental Fresh our Doctors and Technicians not only meet these requirements but have developed techniques and technology which we believe have substantially led to a better experience for our patients.


Why does the cost of dental implant treatment vary so much?

It is true that there is wide range of costs for dental implant treatment in Australia and some countries such as Thailand and India. .

The cost of a genuine All-On-4® however, varies very little anywhere in the world. This is because of the cost of materials, components and technology in addition the advanced training necessary to have the necessary skill to provide safe treatment.

Treatment overseas carries the added risk that many countries do not regulate the dental industry as in Australia ensuring safe standards of training and infection control. Worried about what All-On-4® dental implants cost? We’ll ensure you get great value for your money and competitive rates. During our consultation with you, we’ll work out the best course of action based on your own individual needs.


You may have heard the term All-On-4 but not been sure what it is, who it benefits, or how it works. All-On-4 is a treatment modality for people who have lost or are losing their teeth.

All-On-4 is designed to replace all your upper or lower teeth with a full arch of new, functioning teeth.

If your upper or lower (or both) teeth have failed, or are failing, All-On-4 could be an option for you.

At Malo Dental Sydney we are a state of the art technology centre for All-On-4 treatment. Professor Paulo Malo, our namesake and the founder of Malo Dental worldwide, is the inventor and key proponent of the All-On-4 treatment.  Professor  Malo began this procedure over 30 years ago and has been developing and refining surgery all over the world since then.

Our team includes Dr Larry Benge, who has performed innumerable All-On-4 surgeries in Australia and is recognised globally for his work in restoring healthy, functioning smiles to patients. Dr Melissa Anderson and Dr Nilesh Measuria are trained by Dr Benge and are both very capable implant surgeons in their own right.  Our Dental Prosthetist, Robert Dulieu has also trained in Portugal under Dr Malo. Our team are experienced in successful All-On-4 surgeries, the team are all committed to providing the best possible outcome for each and every patient we see here.

Our follow up to treatment is comprehensive, we aim to keep your teeth mouth and gums in optimum condition now that you are our patient.

All-On-4 has changed the lives of many people of all ages, by restoring their ability to laugh smile and talk with renewed confidence – and be able to eat a wide variety of foods that had previously been off the menu!   Gone are the days of hiding behind hands when you eat, talk or smile. You’ll no longer need to be ashamed or worry that you are being judged by the condition of your teeth.  Your All-On-4 teeth will look and function just like normal teeth.

Do you currently wear dentures?  While dentures are a good solution for many people, there are limitations to dentures that can be overcome with All-On-4.  If you are a denture wearer, exploring your options with All-On-4 may well be worth your while.

Malo Dental All-On-4 Sydney are conveniently located in Bondi Junction close to the rail and bus terminals.  We are always excited to talk to people looking to make a change for the better, both in appearance and function of their teeth. When you come to us, you will have a consultation with one of our team who will assess your current situation, take OPG scans and photographs to determine exactly what’s happening and how best we can help you. All-On-4 may not be recommended in your case,  there may be other treatment options for you to consider. Your Dentist will talk you through each option, the outcomes, the costs and the suitability in your situation.

We love to see our patients leave with a radiant and confident smile after years of coping with dentures or failing teeth. Being able to eat your favourite foods brings much  pleasure to our patients – and to us.

If you’re interested in finding out if All-On-4 is for you, call and book a consult with our staff on 93893656.

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