My First Consultation

To enable your dentist’s and their team to provide you with the highest level of care, your first appointment is very important.

The team at DentalFresh will take the time to understand your needs and desired results. We will listen to and answer any concerns you may have relating to any aspect of dentistry, our practice, or your treatment.

Your teeth, gums, jaw and oral tissues will be thoroughly examined. As part of your initial examination, photographs and x-rays will almost certainly be taken. Sometimes we may take a model of your mouth. If other tests need to be made, we may need to schedule a further appointment.

You will be given quotations for all necessary diagnostic records required. These records will help us to make appropriate diagnostic and treatment decisions with you.

Should you require further treatment, we will clearly explain the possible options in detail once the data has been properly examined by your dentist. Sometimes this discussion will take place at a separate appointment.

The final treatment plan is developed with you, so you will be sure of what is happening, and have a clear say in the outcomes.

At your first visit, you will be asked to complete a medical and dental health questionnaire. This information is held in strict confidence and will be used to assist us in diagnosis and treatment planning and will help to ensure your safety.

Your appointment and payment policies

Appointment alterations

Please give us 48hrs notice if you need to reschedule your appointment. Late notification or failure to attend an appointment will incur a fee.



We expect that your account will be paid at the time of your appointment. For major treatment programmes, you will be advised of the overall fee and a schedule of payment can often be arranged.
We accept payment by cash, cheque, eftpos and most major credit cards.

For larger treatments finance is available through MacCredit, ask our friendly staff for more information.


Dental Insurance Companies (Health Funds)

For your convenience we are happy to provide you with appropriately coded accounts, receipts and quotations to enable you to deal with your insurer as efficiently as possible.

Your insurance rebate is a matter between you and your insurance company, we cannot take any responsibility for the amount of your rebate. At no time will we alter a code or fee or date on an account or receipt in order to assist a fraudulent claim. Our trained staff are however, more than happy to advise and assist you as much as they legally can.

We appreciate your assistance with helping our team run to time by arriving for your appointment shortly before the scheduled time.

We do our very best to run on time and seldom keep any patient waiting for more than a few minutes.

Do you have a question?

Get in touch with us and our friendly team members
will answer any questions you have.