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When should I start brushing/flossing my child’s teeth?

It’s never too early! Even before teeth appear you can begin to wipe gums with a soft cloth or brush with a soft baby toothbrush to keep bacteria at bay. Once your child has teeth, you can begin to floss as well. Good habits start young!


When should my baby’s teeth appear?

Typically the teething process occurs from around 4-7 months, you’ll notice frequent crying, red cheeks, drool, frequent waking or difficulty getting to sleep, and irritability. Everything will go into your baby’s mouth –  food, fingers, furniture and phones!

It’s totally fine if you feel helpless during this stage, but if you can, try and remain patient, your little one is in pain and finding it hard to deal with it. There isn’t a quick fix for teething but there are ways to ease the process.

Each child is different and sometimes you have to use trial and error to get results. Try to take your baby’s mind off their mouth in any way you can. Cuddles and attention may work for your child and offer some short-term relief. Who doesn’t like a cuddle when they’re hurt?

Cold Pressure:
Some light pressure with something cold can be a quick and easy relief for those sore gums, even a finger or a chilled cloth can be used if you don’t have a teething ring.

If your baby likes a dummy you may find this helps with teething.

Cold Food:
Chewing on a rusk or a cold vegetable stick such as carrot or cucumber may help.


What can I do to prevent decay in my children’s teeth?

Early habits are vital to ongoing good oral health. Brushing twice a day for 2 minutes is essential. Being sensible about snack foods, and preventing ‘grazing’ habits from forming along with a good balanced diet.


How do I check for decay in my children’s teeth?

Lift your child’s lips so you can see the teeth where they are closest to the gum, if you can see white spots on the teeth near the gum this may be an indication of early decay. If there are grey, brown or black spots anywhere on the teeth please call us immediately.
Bad breath or complaints of a sore tooth or regular night waking can also be indications of decay.

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