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The first thing that people notice about you is usually your smile. Having a beautiful smile can really improve both how you look and how you feel. Damaged teeth can have a negative effect on how you feel about yourself  and how you  present to others.

Your teeth are the only tissue  in your body  unable to  repair themselves, which is why it’s sometimes necessary to have dental fillings to fix broken, chipped, damaged or decayed teeth. At Dental Fresh we make the process simple and cost-effective, so the perfect smile is never far away.

Should you require a tooth to be repaired there are  options available depending on the location and type of damage you have sustained. Composite or  white fillings offer great cosmetic advantage, as they blend in to be largely indiscernible from your natural teeth.  Composite fillings are often used to repair front teeth that are more visible, but more and more with the advancements in technology, composite fillings are being used for a wider variety of repairs, including hard working molars.

Composite fillings are now much stronger than they used to be, although they come at a higher cost  than amalgam fillings. Most health funds rebate the equivalent cost of Amalgam fillings with the patient covering any residual costs for the Composite. Tooth  fillings last around 7-10 years and are used for a variety of purposes,  for example; to correct chipped, broken  or cracked teeth, to fill spaces between teeth or to repair worn or decayed teeth.

If you’re worried about dental filling costs, then rest easy – we’ provide comprehensive and careful service at a very competitive price. No two sets of  teeth are the same, which means that no two people have the same requirements when it comes to dental fillings, so we’ll examine your teeth and assess the situation during the consultation, before deciding  with you on the best course of action. You and  your dentist will discuss what is the best option for you,  you will make a decision together on how best to proceed with your tooth repair.

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