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The Dental Fresh Goal

At Dental Fresh we understand that anxiety related to dental treatment is real, with over 49% of Australians experiencing it. Our aim at Dental Fresh is to empower our nervous patients to overcome any fear or hesitation, allowing them to maintain their dental health, free from anxiety.

Working with our experienced anaesthetist’s, our dentists are proud to offer personalised solutions to meet our patient needs.


What is Intravenous (IV) sedation?

IV sedation utilises a combination of sedation and pain relief to provide an almost instant effect. IV sedation is different to general anaesthetic in that you remain conscious, allowing you to follow instructions from the dentist.

The Benefits

Extremely relaxed

(no memory of the procedure)

Pain free
Rapid recovery
Time efficient
Cost effective
Customised to suit your needs

They come to us!

IV sedation also removes the need for a hospital, with our visiting anaesthetist’s coming to our dental surgery at a time that best suits our patients, allowing for convenience and eliminating a potential reason to avoid having the treatment you want and/or need.

Our very experienced team understand the reality of what nervousness and anxiety can do to a person, they have worked with countless patients in these situations and in doing so have changed their lives, Contact us today if you want that change.

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