Custom Mouthguards for Baseball

Mouthguards are elastic splints introduced into the oral cavity to protect oral tissues against injuries. Mouthguards prevent incisors from damage in case of being hit. They safeguard the upper teeth against being damaged by opposing teeth in evidence of trauma to the body of the mandible. They counteract bone fractures and damage to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) by dispersing the force of the blow. Hence getting a custom mouthguards for baseball practice or games would be a wise choice. By separating soft tissues from dentition, these appliances protect buccal, labial and tongue mucosa.

The need for head protection in all sports has become a frontline issue with concussion studies showing brain damage issues in many games, but in baseball, the traditionalist views have kept the concerns away. Only until traumatic brain damage or loss of life occurs is it discussed on a national level. There has been an ongoing argument for defensive players and base coaches to have a mandatory helmet and mouthguards use while in the field. The use of safety equipment such as helmets with a face-grill and mouth-guard is essential for such a game as baseball.

Besides, they reduce the risk of concussion and subarachnoid hemorrhage as an outcome of absorption, dispersion and limiting the impact force, which could be transmitted to higher levels of the central nervous system (CNS) along bony trajectories. Though the results of some research have showed that the use of protective instruments does not stop all injuries in its entirety even so in baseball. Also don’t forget that mouthguards are also used for TMJ issues. The type of facial protection worn would be a risk factor for facial injuries, and the lack of a mouthguard is a risk factor for head injuries.

In conclusion, dental trauma in baseball is a relatively common occurrence in childhood, with an impact exceeding that of periodontal diseases. It places a significant burden on the public health system because of its high frequency, effects on quality of life and consumption of resources. The use of full facial protection and a mouthguard was shown to decrease the risk of facial and head injuries respectively.

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