Custom Mouthguards for Wrestling

Wrestling is a form of performance art which combines athletics with theatrical performance. Dental and facial traumatic injuries are common sports-related injuries. Some reports even widely suggested that involvement in sports activities can carry a risk of substantial dental injuries such as wrestling. Hence the need for custom mouthguards for fights.

The mouthguard is one of the critical devices for athletes. Wearing a mouthguard is a must to prevent them from any orofacial injuries occurs during their sports activities.  A mouthguard is basically a protective device for the oral cavity region that covers the teeth and gums to prevent any form of injury to your oral cavity. The main benefit of a mouth guard is relatively self-explanatory: it guards your mouth.

A mouthguard, a.k.a. a gumshield, mouth protector or sports guard is an appliance that covers the dentition and surrounding mucosa with the aim of preventing or reducing trauma to the teeth, gingival tissue, lips, and jaws.

The goal of a mouth guard is to dissipate the force between the upper and lower teeth and act as a shock absorber, which can help protect the lips and tissue inside the mouth from laceration as well as the teeth and the jaw from dislocation.

There are three types of mouth guards: custom-fabricated guards made by dental professionals using a model of the patient’s teeth and vacuum-forming or heat-pressure lamination; form-fitted, boil-and-bite guards made by the athlete biting the mouth guard; stock guards, bought directly over the counter for immediate wear.

Most custom guards for wrestling offer a thin profile explicitly developed for the mat. Next, to your ear guards, it’ll be an essential piece of equipment those wrestlers need just as for boxing.

We believe that dental practitioners must continuously interact with caregivers, teachers, principals, coaches, and other medical professionals to ensure good dental care. Its responsibility of dentist to provide sound information about sports-related injuries, protective devices which helps in increasing awareness among the general public.

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