It’s time for summer parties, loads of fun and looking your best. No one is fully dressed without a radiant smile, right? So, how is yours looking? Teeth Whitening may be your answer!

If your teeth are looking a little stained from the winter reds and the morning wake up coffee, you may want to consider some whitening treatments to bring the freshness back to your smile.
At Dental Fresh we currently offer three procedures, we’ll discuss all of these with you and find the best option for your particular needs.

First things first of course, before you start on any treatment you will need to make sure your teeth are up for it!

We strongly recommend that all our patients have a check-up and clean with our hygienist before undergoing whitening treatment. This is so that we can make sure there are no underlying conditions that may be exacerbated or cause you pain during the whitening process.

Dental Hygienist Clean and Scale: Sometimes, a good clean and scale may be all you need to bring your teeth back into the photo-ready zone – you may be surprised at how your teeth look and feel after a proper Dental Hygienist clean!

If you are looking for a whiter brighter smile, whitening procedures are an effective smile makeover.

In-Chair Whitening: this involves using a high strength whitening agent applied and monitored by your dentist (while you kick back and watch Netflix).

Your dentist will apply a protective solution to your gums before applying the whitening agent. A light is then used to activate the whitening gel. This procedure will typically take around an hour, the results are good, but sensitivity is evident in some patients for a while after the procedure. This usually dissipates in (24 hours?)

If you are prone to sensitivity, your practitioner may recommend an alternative treatment.
This treatment is best for low sensitivity patients who want a profound whitening experience.

Take-home Whitening Kits: this is a slower process, but with excellent results. Your practitioner will take impressions of your teeth, and our laboratory will customise special trays for you.
Once these are made, you will be instructed on how to apply a whitening gel to the trays, which you will wear every day or night until you reach your result. This method is slower and more time consuming, but an excellent option for people with sensitive teeth, as the slower lightening means less sensitivity.
Your trays can be kept and reused the next time you need a whitening treatment. Customised trays work well here, and they are formed to the shape of your teeth, so the gel is evenly distributed over the surfaces of your teeth.

Is there another option?

If you are looking at your options for a whiter smile, call and ask for a consultation appointment with us. We’ll be happy to chat about what option will work best for you.

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