Dentures? 4 reasons why not to skip your regular check-up!

13 Aug 2017

So you have dentures now, fantastic!

They fit, the function, you’re eating well and grinning like the Cheshire cat, – but now is not the time for complacency. To keep your dentures fitting and functioning well, skipping your regular check-up is a no-no.

Often denture patients consider their new Dentures an excuse to forego regular dental check-ups, but nothing could be further from the truth!

My Denture wearing patients are my heroes in life, I am constantly astounded that many edentulous patients (without natural teeth) eat, drink, breath and live life to the full, despite having a plastic and metal prosthetic in their mouth.

I advise my  Denture patients to have the same regular check up’s as they did when they had their natural teeth Oral health is more than just about your teeth after all! A 6-monthly preventative check-up will enable you to ensure that your mouth and denture are healthy and in good working function.

Just like your natural teeth Dentures require maintenance. With all that eating and drinking (and laughing) you are now doing, your denture will collect plaque and bacteria, just like your teeth did. A regular check will enable your practitioner to assess your denture and remove plaque and bacteria build up.

A denture should always feel like it fits snugly, if it becomes a little loose or it slips, your denture probably requires a ‘reline’ of the fitting denture base.  More often than not, we can get this procedure done on the same day – we don’t want you to be without your teeth for  long!

Even if you wear a partial denture, there is the chance if it doesn’t fit well that you could compromise some of your remaining teeth, or cause ulceration, gum disease and bone loss. Regular checks will allow us to monitor the health of your mouth and remaining teeth.

In extreme cases, ill fitting dentures may lead to Oral Cancer. Your Oral Cancer screen is part of your regular dental check procedure. Regular check-ups with your denture professional will decrease all your   risks, enable us to assess and secure your optimal comfort level and maintain a healthy oral environment.


Some Tips!

Don’t’ forget that it’s important that dentures are cleaned after every meal.  Give them a good scrub using a soft tooth brush after food and drink. This will help you maintain good oral health and keep bad breath at bay.


Do you love your smile?

At Dental Fresh we sometimes see denture patients who are self-conscious of their dentures for aesthetic or fit reasons. Some have been issued dentures that resemble a ‘white picket fence’ rather than an array of natural teeth. These patients have thought that this is the best that they can hope for now that they have lost their natural teeth – not so!
The highly skilled technicians at Dental Fresh are proud of their ability to create dentures for our patients that look natural and give you a smile that is real!

Loose fitting dentures? They need not be, a snug fit so that you don’t worry about your teeth dropping when you laugh, smile or eat should be a prerequisite.


All-On-4 and Implants

With Modern techniques, Dental Implants are now widely offered as a permanent alternative for denture wearers.  All-On-4 and implants are as close to getting your own teeth back as it gets. If you’re curious about whether implants will work for you, we’ll be happy to have a chat with you and discuss your options.


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