I have just had my teeth whitened by my dentist and I’m thrilled with the result.

My smile is fresh, glossy and natural, I feel rejuvenated!  I wonder how long it‘ll last…

It’s amazing how life can take its toll on the colour of your teeth. A coffee or tea here and there, that glass of beautiful pinot noir you shared with friends and before you know it, your teeth have lost their lustre and are looking downright dull. 

Sometimes all it takes is a visit to the Hygienist at your dental practice to restore a semblance of refresh to your smile –  but if you’d like to dial up the white a shade or two, there are options available to you for whitening your teeth.

It’s good to know that the teeth whitening processes used at Dental Fresh will give your teeth a brighter, natural colour –  definitely not artificial-looking or over brilliant. A clean white natural smile is what the aim is!

If you’re not in a hurry – and you have a modicom of discipline, you can opt to do your whitening at home. 

If you want to have fresh white teeth tomorrow, then in-chair whitening at your dental practice is the option for you. 

Let’s look at both options:

At-Home Whitening.

Whitening at home entails wearing a specially made ‘tray’ over your teeth for an hour a day. 

The trays are made to fit your teeth exactly, you’ll need to visit your dentist to have the trays made: Your Dentist will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and have the lab make up your whitening trays for you. This usually takes a couple of days.

When you collect your trays, you’ll be given some syringes of whitening gel which you will squeeze onto the trays before placing them over your teeth. Your practitioner will show you how to apply the gel and how to insert the trays when you collect them.

At home, simply apply the gel to your trays and wear them for the recommended time. It’s best to do this after your last meal of the day, as the gel can make your teeth a little sensitive and porous.

 This process will take 10-14 days

When you’re done, clean and store your trays  away, they can be used again next year

In-House Zoom! Whitening

Dental Fresh uses the Philips Zoom! Whitening procedure.  The process can take up to 90 minutes to get the best results. While my teeth were undergoing their transformation I was able to sit back and relax watching a TV show until it was all done! Headphones on, the show of my choice, too easy..

The practitioner will apply a gel to your teeth and insert a blue whitening light into your mouth. It’s odd, but it isn’t uncomfortable. 

Our staff are with you throughout and as a precaution you’re given a buzzer in case you need to get someone’s attention.  There is a chance that you’ll feel a sort of ‘flick’ on your teeth during the process. It isn’t painful, it’s just a sensation and it may continue for a bit after you leave the practice until your teeth settle.  You may find your teeth are a little sensitive for a while after the process.

Now here’s the BONUS.

We understand that red wine and coffee are a part of life. So no matter how white and fresh your teeth are now, they’ll need refreshing again eventually.

Dental Fresh offers their patients  Whitening For Life,  an ongoing program to help you maintain your pearly whites in their best, whitest smile condition. 

How it works

If you opted for the take-home whitening option, for a one-off fee of $50, you’ll receive a top-up whitening syringe at your 6 monthly check up for free, every time, forever.** 

If you had your whitening done in chair with Zoom!, the one-off fee, is a little more; it’s $250 to cover the cost of the whitening trays that you take home to keep. Same deal, a  fresh new syringe of whitening gel at your 6 monthly check-up.

So, there’s no need to worry about ongoing whitening treatments;  to keep your smile in its freshest state,  Whitening For Life covers you for as long as you want. 

Want a fresher, whiter smile? It’s only a phone call away! 

*Due to the nature of individual dentition, in some cases teeth will only lighten by a certain amount. 

Results vary from person to person.

**Whitening For Life Terms and Conditions:

Patient receives 1 syringe of whitening gel at each 6 month AM Appointment.

Patient must attend every 5-7 months for subscription to remain active. Non-attendance in this time frame renders the subscription void.

Patient agrees to undergo a  pre-whitening check-up and clean  (or receipted proof of recent procedure)

Patient agrees to a pre-whitening assessment to ensure whitening is safe to use on their teeth.