Dental Fresh, Bondi Junction NSW

The dream has always been there, a centre for excellence, a one-stop-shop, a place where capable and patient-oriented dentists can see any patient that comes to us for whatever reason.

It’s taken time and planning, like everything worthwhile, there have been challenges, but Dental Fresh now stands proudly on its own, fully staffed, equipped and ready to treat any number of different patient requirements, from maintenance and prevention to surgical procedures. We have the people, the equipment, the technology and the experience to confidently treat all our patients exceptionally well.

The practice reflects the owners who are coastal people to the core. A family of beachgoers, the practice is sand, blue and white, the treatment rooms are named after favourite local beaches; Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte and MacKenzies. Patients can rest back in the big blue chairs, watch Netflix on the overhead monitors and chill while undergoing their procedure.

When you first enter Dental Fresh, you’ll note it’s relaxed vibe. The smells are good, and the faces are friendly. You’ll be welcomed with a wide smile and a personal touch. Staff like to get to know our people, so they’ll be sure to find out a bit about you while you are here. The better we know you, the better we can treat you, so open up a little.

Our friendly and capable Hygienist will see you for your regular check-up. She will make a thorough examination and give your teeth and mouth a makeover while you relax. If there are any issues, she will bring them to the attention of one of our practitioners who will assess any areas that may need further treatment.

We have a CBCT scanner in the new premises, which allows us to perform detailed scans of the jaws and teeth so that we can better assess the condition of your teeth and mouth while you are here. We love taking all kinds of photos; that way, we have an accurate record of your oral health and better monitor any changes that have occurred since your last visit.

Should you be anxious about the dental treatment, your practitioner will invite you to our non-clinical treatment planning area, where you can view your images and talk through your options with the staff. It’s quiet and private, and the process allows you to leave fully informed and with a clear plan of where you are heading.

For patients undergoing surgical procedures, our recovery room allows for private recovery from surgery in a comfortable and safe environment.

At Dental Fresh, we like to keep people informed. From time to time we hold information evenings here. Our rooms open up so that we can hold a small group meeting when we have information nights scheduled. Ask about our next information night when you visit.

We have chosen our staff with care. Our dental assistants and practitioners are invested in treating each patient to the best of their ability, taking into consideration the multitude of factors that impact good medical treatment. Our people will listen and care about you and your unique situation. They will work with you on finding the best solutions for you.

The New Dental Fresh, come on by and meet us.

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