So I think I can say I’ve managed to retain a general patina of youth longer than I should have despite years spent as an outdoorsy kinda girl.
I noticed at school pick up that friends my age are looking fresher faced, less stressed out than I do – the working mum with four kids and a dog are starting to etch their presence into my visage, while my friend’s faces have a certain perk about them.
Such courage! I asked if one friend was visiting a particularly good spa, or had changed her skincare products – she smirked at me. She actually smirked! It seems many of my friends have sauntered down the injectables path, with nary an overblown lip or frozen forehead in sight! (there are a few of those, but not many among my nearest and dearest).
Now I’m intrigued. I’ve never liked the ‘done’ look you so often see on the streets or behind the counter of those cosmetic injectables places. I don’t want anything to change. I like how I look. I’d just like to look not tired or grumpy in my resting face. My friend looks just the same, only softer somehow.
She said she’s been seeing her dentist for injectables (yup, you heard me). Time to do my homework!
I found out my dental practice provides injectable solutions for their patients. While a dentist on the end of the cosmetics needle may seem odd to some, after talking with the dental team, it does makes perfect sense. Dentists are trained in facial anatomy and contour, they know how the face is put together, how a smile should look, and its relationship to the rest of the face, the correct proportions and balance of the face. They’re familiar with the many facets of face, the tissue, the skin, the muscles the nerves. They work with faces every day. What’s not to trust here?
Here at least I’m confident I’m not going to come away looking silly, I have a medical practitioner with a sensibility for aesthetics helping me to achieve the results I’m looking for.
After a good consultation with my dentist, I was certain I’d made the right choice, she realised I didn’t really want to look different, just less world-weary, I don’t want fuller cheeks or bigger lips, I just want ‘me’ back. We booked an appointment, and she explained what I could expect on the day.
The procedure was relatively painless. My dentist had me scrunch and contort my face so she could see which muscles were causing the problem. She drew guide marks on my face and began with the botox injections. For the lines on my mouth, she decided a small amount of filler would be a good idea to support the natural lip shape and decrease the lines that are starting to appear there. My lips are full, but slightly uneven, so she was able to correct the lip line.
My mouth was numbed completely for this procedure, and it took an hour or two after for the numbness to wear off.
I had been warned that there might be a little swelling the following day from the lip procedure, but there really was very little visible sign of treatment the day before.
It took a few days, but on days 3-4 my face looked like I’d had a really good nights sleep. People tell me I look well, the life signs are not etched into my visage as deeply, I can still frown and smile normally, and I love that I look rested and refreshed.
I’m sold! For a reasonable cost outlay and a few inconvenient hours, for the next few months, I will look like the best of me every day. Just what the doctor ordered!
To book your own consultation call Dental Fresh on 93893656, the team will book you in with a practitioner who walks you through your options and your desired outcomes and together you can make your own rejuvenation plan.

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