Implants have become the ideal treatment for patients with missing teeth. All-On-4™ and implants are now widely used as a solution for missing teeth.

Many people have heard about ‘All-On-4™’ but are unsure if they are suitable candidates for the procedure.

It’s a good idea when exploring your options, to contact a reputable All-On-4™ and implant clinic to discuss your specific needs. Every patient has their individual circumstances that will come into play when deciding if All-On-4™, a different implant modality or another treatment is the best solution for them. 

At Dental Fresh Malo Dental Sydney, we hold regular group information evenings designed to take the mystery out of on All-On-4™ and implant procedures. We find that these evenings enable us to answer individual queries as well as presenting a broad information package. The sessions allow you to talk directly with the surgeon performing the procedure. The sessions require no commitment or obligation, and they are free of charge to attend. The evenings are relaxed, offer comprehensive information in layman’s terms and give you a chance to ask as many questions of the team as you like.

At these info evenings, you will discover what the implants are made from, and why, how they function, and the benefits that implants offer to compatible patients.

You will be able to find out if you are a suitable candidate or if any other options that would be better suited to you.

You will leave understanding what is involved, how long the procedure will take, how many appointments you will require, what is involved from start to finish, recovery and recuperation time, cost and payment options.

If you’d like to learn more after the session, we can help you schedule a free one on one consultation with the surgeon to discuss your situation.


Some FAQ’s


What is an implant?

Implants replace a missing tooth or teeth; a tooth is made and designed especially for your smile and attached to a titanium post that is inserted through a small incision in your gum. Implants are anchored and integrated into the bone, allowing your replacement teeth a solid foundation and stability and a natural, realistic appearance.

 This process can be used for single or multiple teeth, or an entire row of teeth can be replaced with four posts to anchor your new teeth in place. This is All-On-4™.

Why choose implants?

Implants can replace missing teeth without compromising your remaining teeth.

Implants can protect your remaining teeth by sharing the load when you eat, distributing the force over a wider range of teeth as nature intended. Implants offer a long term solution to restoring your smile; you’ll be able to eat what you want; your teeth will look and feel natural; your confidence will be restored.

What are implants made of?

The implanted portion is usually made from titanium; it is durable; it’s biocompatible and reasonably priced. Titanium is safe and has been used for this purpose for decades. The tooth is made from high strength composite and acrylic and individually sculpted to blend in with your remaining teeth. All of your teeth are made on-site in our state of the art dental laboratory by our highly skilled dental technicians.

Who can have implants?

While there are no constraints on who can get implants, adequate bone and healthy gums are essential to the success of implants. 

I smoke, does that mean I’m not a suitable candidate?

Smoking has negative effects on many dental procedures. Studies show that the failure rate is higher in smokers than non-smokers, and there is a higher risk of hygiene issues or infection in heavy smokers than non-smokers. Be honest with your practitioner when talking about your smoking habits, so they can give you an accurate and informed appraisal. It might be a great incentive to give it all up – or ask your practitioner about other options that may be more suitable for you.

Will diabetes affect my candidacy?

Diabetes does pose a risk for implant treatment. Severe or poorly controlled diabetes could affect the success of the treatment, as people with diabetes can experience a delay in wound healing, the osseointegration of the implant in the bone may be impaired or delayed, which can cause implant failure. However, studies show that some implant patients with well-controlled diabetes have success rates on par with non-diabetic patients.

Be open with your practitioner about your diabetes, and it’s management so that you get an informed appraisal perfect for your situation.

How long will Implants last?

With proper care and commitment to our follow up process, your implants will last anywhere from 10 -25 years – longer in some cases. Your implants are under warrantee* providing you keep up with your prescribed regular maintenance program. Routine care and maintenance are imperative for long term implant success.

Will I be awake during the surgery?

Depending on the number of implants and your level of anxiety, your procedure will be performed under General or Local anaesthetic. All-On-4™ surgeries are performed under general as a rule.

I grind my teeth; can I still have implants?

Yes, you can. Your practitioner will likely recommend a splint to protect your teeth from damage.

Why should I consider Malo Dental for implants?

Professor Paulo Malo is the inventor of the All-On-4™, our senior practitioners have trained directly with Professor Malo in Portugal and Australia. 

At Dental Fresh Malo Dental, our point of difference is that we will not use ‘alternatives’ or cheaper implants as a cost-cutting measure. We stringently follow the Malo protocol by using the implants that were designed specifically for this procedure. Our patients are issued with two bridges rather than one; your initial teeth which you will have during the first three critical months, and your final set once the critical period is over. It’s imperative in the first three months for you and your clinician to assess the functionality and aesthetics of your new teeth. You first set are made of high impact acrylic with the best teeth available; the second and final set issued around three months will be made of a bespoke computer designed titanium framework for the best long term results. These will only be issued once you and your dentist have established the final tooth positions, and the critical time is out of the way. 

For further information on All-On-4™ and implants, contact us on 93893656 or [email protected]. Helping people smile with confidence again is our passion.


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