The Secret to a Youthful Smile is Closer Than You Think

14 Oct 2017

‘Smile! Why? It makes you attractive, it changes your mood, it relieves stress and it helps you stay positive!’

Let’s face it, we all look better when we smile or laugh, right? Happiness is associated with youthful vitality and wouldn’t we all like to remain looking young for as long as we can? The good part is – it’s not hard to do!


‘Live your life and forget your age.’

Your own beautiful smile is a reflection of your overall good health. Keeping your physical health in top form with a balanced diet and exercise will reflect in your oral health, with your mouth and teeth gaining benefit from the good nutrients, blood flow and care you are taking when you look after yourself. An unhealthy diet could leave you prone to periodontal disease, cavities and even tooth loss. Your overall health can greatly impact on your oral health, so try to eat a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins with few processed foods and simple carbohydrates – and get some exercise most days of the week.


You’re never fully dressed without a smile…


Clean white, straight teeth can convey a sense of youthfulness, where crooked worn, missing and discoloured teeth can age us. You’ve heard the adage ‘long in the tooth’ referencing older people – this reflects the fact that gum disease can cause gums to recede, exposing more of the tooth and making them appear longer and consequentially, age that smile of yours!
You are keeping your gums healthy and full of regular brushing and flossing which eliminates food that gets caught between your teeth and can cause problems for your gums. Remember to brush along the gum line and floss twice a day, your gums will thank you for the attention, and your smile will too! 2 minutes is all it takes to brush- a small price to pay to keep your teeth strong, clean and healthy!


Smile – It increases your face value!

As we age, around 40-50 years, we lose fullness in the bone in our jaw which can exacerbate or cause crowding or crooked teeth. A youthful looking smile is often a straight smile, straight teeth can be accomplished for the young and the not so young with clear braces. Braces are no longer the domain of the teen! Look at the information on Invisalign clear braces on our website to learn more about the clear alternative to metal braces.


‘Damn! That smile…”

Red wine, coffee and tea, smoking and strongly coloured foods all can stain teeth and make them appear older. While brushing and flossing will keep this at bay, a professional clean and scale with your dentist on a regular basis will keep your teeth in sparkling good health for longer.
However, Stains can appear on your teeth even with the healthiest of habits, so if you notice your teeth are starting to look dark or yellow, you might want to consider professional whitening treatment which use special whitening ingredients to lift the stains from your teeth without damaging their structure. Have a chat with your dentist nest time you’re in to see if Whitening will work for you.


Older lady

  Youth has no age.

   Keeping a youthful smile comes down to some simple, proven, and practical dental tips:
   • Brush and floss daily
   • Live a healthy lifestyle
   • See your dentist every six months
   • Consider whitening treatments if necessary
   • Straighten with Invisalign

   Now you know how and why taking care of teeth is important. Be sure to follow these easy tips for a younger looking gorgeous smile. Call us today to learn more about keeping your smile fresh and youthful.


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