Oral Hygiene FAQs

Good oral health starts with good oral hygiene.


At Dental Fresh we will show you how to best protect one of your most valuable assets – your teeth.

While brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing your teeth are standard things you should do, many people have never been shown how to do either properly.


Your dentist will demonstrate the best angle to use when brushing your teeth, to make sure you are caring for your teeth as well as your gums.


We’ll also show you how to floss to make sure you are removing food and plaque from between your teeth.


Practising these good habits every day will go a long way towards preventing future dental problems and keeping your teeth in good shape.


A twice yearly visit to your dentist will means it’s more likely that any problems will be detected when they are relatively minor – making the remedy simpler and easier on you.

Your teeth will also be professionally cleaned at your twice yearly visit. This will enable any plaque or tartar deposits to be removed. Having any tartar (calculus) build ups